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#90: Sinnoh Summer 1 - What a Shitty Neighbor

Chronicling my personal play through of Pokemon Platinum.

I played a guy named Damion.

When you start the game at Twin Leaf there’s a random neighbor girl who asks you to catch her a cute pokemon.

She calls you by name! I thought it was super cute :3

That inspired me to focus on catching mon during the play through ha ha. Expert catcher!

Cheryl, Dawn, and Revive Girl were my submissions for the Twitch Plays Pokemon International Artist Collaboration.

Wrestler Dawn and Cheryl are from a comic series I did: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Pokemon Red’s graphics didn’t give me much to go off of for Revive Girl so I based her on this art by kiyokon.

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